This weeks Featured Artist is Kylie Morgan from Hippie Kickers. Be sure to tune in each week as we give you new insight into some of our artists, makers, and craftspeople. We also update our blog to add more insight in getting the most out of your Our Village shop. 


1.      “How did you get started with Hippie Kickers by Kylie Morgan?”

When I was 12 years old my Papaw gave me my very first little pink guitar. I had always been a performer, forcing my parents to watch me sing and dance to Shirley Temple videos. Once I learned my first three chords I couldn't put it down. I started writing and fell in love with putting my feelings to music. After performing locally for a couple years I got attention from a local record label and signed my first record and publishing deal at 14. Then one opportunity led to another and now I am 21 living the dream of being a professional singer/songwriter here in Nashville, Tennessee. Since music became my full-time job I was seeking for a new creative outlet and started Hippie Kicker Boots ( I thought it was the perfect collaboration between my country music roots and my creative style. 

2.      “Do you do this full-time and if not, tell us about what else you do. Also, how does the sales of your products helps you?” 

Hippie kickers became a perfect collaboration for my music. I started performing as well as having a booth at different barn sales and festivals. It allowed me to expand my Fanbase for both businesses.

3.      “What are your inspirations?”

 I try my very best to keep my styles original, from my music to my boots. I've always love the boho style and lifestyle and instilled it in Hippie Kickers' brand. 

4.      “What is one of your favorite stories about your product?”

I was performing and selling at a festival in Oklahoma. A woman drove 3 1/2 hours just to come see the boots and buy a CD. It was a pretty cool feeling knowing she made such a long trip for the products I created. 

5.      “What are the things you like best about Our Village?"

Our Village gives me a chance to connect with my customers. They are able to stay up-to-date on all the new styles and sales.