New Management Tool for Etsy Shop Owners

Attention Etsy shop owners! Our Village has a special Management Tool that allows you to quickly and easily download all your Etsy shop product images and descriptions into your new Our Village shop without affecting your Etsy shop. What a time-saver!

There are many reasons why also opening your shop on Our Village makes sense. Your shop fee on Our Village is only $5 per month – period. You never pay listing fees or have commissions deducted from your sales - ever! You keep 100% of your sales!

Another reason to open your shop on Our Village is that you can help make a difference. 20% of Our Village’s gross revenues are donated to non-profit organizations that support battered or homeless women and their families. That means $1 out of your $5 monthly shop fee is donated to these organizations. Our Village is majority women-owned. Here’s a link to our “About Us” page that has a video about the first organization receiving Our Village’s financial support.

Last year we conducted months of market research by attending craft fairs and shows. We visited hundreds of booths. We talked with the artists, craftspeople, and makers who were working so hard to sell their products. Those with Etsy shops were almost unanimous, saying they spent a tremendous amount of their valuable time loading their product images and descriptions in order to open their Etsy shop. We listened, we learned, and we developed a time-saving solution for them and for you.

Our solution is Our Village’s Management Tool that allows you to easily and quickly download your Etsy shop product images and descriptions, then immediately upload them into your Our Village shop, all without affecting your Etsy shop. Again, what a time-saver!

Isn’t it time to expand your business? Let’s compare your shop on Etsy the same as having one location in one mall. Why wouldn’t you want to open another location in another mall to expand your business and increase your sales? Especially when you keep 100% of your sales! Opening another shop on Our Village makes sense, doesn’t it? Here’s your next step.

First, open your Our Village shop from this link:  

Then take advantage of our Management Tool today from this link:

Our Village is based on the African proverb, “It takes a village…”, and we are all part of the village. We must do our part to care for each other, making the world a better place for all.

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