Choices. It’s always great to have choices! More choices provide the opportunity to make educated decisions that are best for you. For sellers in the online marketplace, more choices give them the opportunity for more exposure of their products to customers. While Etsy is one of the leaders in the online marketplace, there is another choice that makes a lot of sense for sellers. Our Village provides sellers another, and a different platform from which to sell their products.

Do we suggest sellers close their Etsy shop and open their shop on Our Village? Absolutely not! The smart choice is for Etsy shop owners to also open a shop on Our Village, thereby increasing their products’ exposure to potential customers. That’s what retailers do when they have a store in one mall, then they open another store in another location, and then another. It’s just good business to look for new opportunities for exposure to increase sales and that’s the opportunity Our Village presents for sellers.

How is Our Village different from Etsy?

  • - Etsy is a publicly-traded corporation responsible for providing dividends to their shareholders from the profits of their company.

  • - Our Village is a private, majority women-owned marketplace.

  • - Etsy - The payment by the buyers for products purchased from Etsy shop owners must go through Etsy’s system so they can charge their shop owners a $0.20 per item listing fee and deduct a 3.5% commission from each shop owner sale.

  • - Our Village – Shop owners keep 100% of their sales. No item listing fees, no commissions deducted from shop owner’s sales – ever. Our Village shop owners pay a flat $5 monthly fee – period. Our Village plays no part in the sales/payment/shipping process by our shop owners to their customers. All transactions between sellers and buyers are via PayPal.

  • - Every day, every product from every Our Village shop owner is uploaded daily to Google, providing additional exposure to potential customers.


Our Village has a social conscious. Our Village donates 20% of its gross revenues to non-profit organizations that provide support to battered and homeless women and their families.

One of Our Village’s primary goals is to be viewed, nationally and philanthropically, similarly to the ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s or other companies that have built a charitable component into the DNA of their company. This link (https://www.ourvillage.com/index.php/about-us ) takes you to Our Village’s “About Us” page which has a video about the first organization we have selected and receiving our financial support.



Up until the 20th century, all shopping was “small”. The advent of big corporations and big box stores changed everything. The concept that “bigger is better” sounds good but is not necessarily true, especially for small business owners or sole proprietors. That’s why understanding the importance of Shopping Small is critical to the future success of all the individuals and families represented by the sellers who have shops on Our Village and to the entire American economy. Shopping Small shouldn’t be promoted only one day each year. Shopping Small should be a 365 day, 24/7 goal for all consumers and there are good reasons why this should be a national priority. Our Village is taking the lead, promoting Shopping Small as the first option customers should always consider.

The majority of shop owners on Our Village are women. Some could be your friends or neighbors. Most have full-time jobs to support their families, while working during the evenings and weekends to create their products for their shop to help supplement their incomes. Your purchase may mean a child gets a new pair of shoes, or this month’s utility bill gets paid. Our Village shop owners are real people. You aren’t buying from big box stores or faceless corporations. Every purchase you make from an Our Village shop owner helps make a difference for them and their family’s life. Join the Shopping Small movement beginning today.

WHAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE? For sellers, Our Village provides another choice. It’s just good business to look for new opportunities to increase sales and that’s the excellent opportunity Our Village presents for sellers.


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