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By Voice Of Our Village 5 years ago 7745 Views No comments
Free is good, right? Our Village is a majority women-owned, online marketplace for sellers to sell their products. And the first 30 days for sellers are FREE! Other online marketplaces immediately charge sellers to utilize their websites and have access to potential customers. Our Village does not.

What is Our Village’s appeal to sellers other than providing the first 30 days free? To start with, every day, every product from every Our Village shop owner is uploaded to Google, providing additional exposure to potential customers! Here are some other appealing features.

Our Village has a social conscious
Our Village donates 20% ($1 of every $5) from its gross revenues to non-profit organizations that provide support to battered and homeless women and their families.

This link ( takes you to Our Village’s “About Us” page which has a video about the first organization selected and receiving Our Village’s financial support.

Our Village shop owners have access to a valuable Management Tool – FREE!
The Our Village Products Offline Management Tool is designed specifically for Our Village shop owners. It allows you to quickly and easily edit and manage your Our Village shop and products offline.

For Our Village shop owners who also own an Etsy shop, the Our Village Products Offline Management Tool will allow you to easily download your products, including images and descriptions, from your Etsy shop, without affecting your Etsy shop. First open your Our Village shop, install the Management Tool, download your products, then upload them into your new Our Village shop. This is a simple process and will save you a tremendous amount of time!

How is Our Village different from Etsy for Sellers?

Etsy - The payment by the buyers for products purchased from Etsy shop owners must go through Etsy’s system so they can charge their shop owners a $0.20 per item listing fee and deduct a 3.5% commission from each shop owner sale.

Our Village – Shop owners keep 100% of their sales. No item listing fees, no commissions deducted from shop owner’s sales – ever. Our Village shop owners pay via PayPal a flat $5 monthly fee – period. And the first 30 days for sellers are free! All transactions between sellers and buyers are via PayPal.

Do we suggest sellers close their Etsy shop and open their shop on Our Village? Absolutely not! The smart choice is for Etsy shop owners to also open a shop on Our Village, thereby increasing their products’ exposure to potential customers. That’s what retailers do when they have a store in one mall, then they open another store in another location, and then another. It’s just good business to look for new opportunities for exposure to increase sales and that’s the opportunity Our Village’s online marketplace presents for sellers. And when your first 30 days are free, what have you got to lose?

What’s the bottom line?
For sellers, Our Village’s online marketplace provides a risk-free opportunity to sell their products, expands their product’s exposure to new customers, and helps support non-profit organizations that provides support to battered and homeless women and their families. And again, when your first 30 days are free, what have you got to lose?

Please open your shop now and enjoy your first 30 days free!