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By Voice of the Village 1 years ago 270 Views 1 comment


Our Village’s co-founders (who are sisters) both have helping hearts and decided that the core mission of Our Village would be to make the world a better place. Wow! That certainly is an ambitious goal! However, they had a well thought out plan, knowing that with the help of all the Sellers on the internet, they could change the world. To achieve that goal, they knew that first they would need to provide the Sellers with an extraordinary resource so they would be willing to help.

They knew that Our Village could best serve the Sellers, the artisans, crafters, makers, and small, family-owned shop owners. They also knew that simplicity was the best answer and that answer for best serving Sellers would be providing only a $5 monthly fee for their Our Village shop, with no listing fees and no commissions deducted from the Seller’s sales - ever!

Our Village’s co-founders wanted Our Village to have a significant social consciousness. So next came their focus on deciding their core mission and how that mission could make the world a better place. Since both sisters had previously worked as volunteers with organizations helping battered and homeless women and their families, they decided that those type of organizations would be the focal point of on-going financial support from Our Village. Again, they decided that simplicity was the best answer and that answer was for $1 out of every $5 monthly fee paid by an Our Village shop owner would go directly to organizations providing support for battered and homeless women and their families. Donating 20% of any company’s gross revenues is unheard of in the business world! That means that every month, every Seller with a shop on is helping to make a difference!

The next step was to establish the criteria for carefully selecting the non-profit organizations receiving financial support from Our Village. First an organization being considered receives a visit from Our Village to tour the facility and meet with their staff. Next they furnish Our Village with their past three year’s financials. This allows verification that the funding for their organization is being administered wisely for the women and their families receiving services. Each year Our Village will reevaluate each organization’s budget to ensure the funding is truly improving the lives of the women and their families being served.

The final step was for Our Village to determine the level of financial support to be provided to the organizations. This required careful consideration. Too little financial support would not be meaningful and not allow the organization to increase their services to the women and their families. Too much support could put their organization in jeopardy should the Our Village financial support have to be withdrawn in the future for any reason.

It was determined that the “Goldilocks Zone”, where the financial support would be “just right”, was $5,000 per month. This would provide $60,000 per year of additional funding for a non-profit organization which would be very significant, and that was Our Village’s goal.

So how does this translate into achieving Our Village’s ambitious core mission of making the world a better place? Let’s do the math. For every 5000 shops on Our Village, an organization will receive $5,000 each month. As the number of Sellers and their shops increase by increments of 5,000, then additional organizations will receive support from Our Village.

What is the potential number of organizations supporting battered or homeless women and their families that could receive additional funding from Our Village? Well, let’s look at Etsy. In 2016 Etsy is estimated to have 1.6 million shop owners or Sellers. If Our Village had only half that number, or 800,000 shop owners, there would be 320 non-profit organizations across the country receiving $5,000 each month in financial assistance to provide their services to battered and homeless women and their families!

Now do you see how you can help Our Village make the world a better place?Together, we can make a difference and together we can change the world, but Our Village needs you. If you are a Seller, we need you to open your shop on Our Village and to tell your friends who also sell online to open their shops too. Sellers, you can help us change the world.

Please open your shop on today!

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Debby R Rossouw 1 years ago at 5:15 PM
I just read this today and I think it's very cool.
Years ago before working as a CDA I worked
for a company selling trash bags, one box, for $100
I myself ended up in a battered women's shelter with my 2 babies for a month...worked my way out, was naive but strong back then in my 20s... anyway enough ramble... this really hits home with me. Back then we counseled women in bat homes too.