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By Voice of the Village 2 months ago 352 Views No comments
Sellers who have their shops on Our Village have the best of all worlds because they can simply use their Our Village shop as their own website. This includes using their shop’s home page as their web address for business cards and email signatures! Before going into more detail about how that works, let’s take an overview look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of having your own website.


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Shopping Small. Up until the 20th century, all shopping was “small”. The advent of big corporations and big box stores changed everything. The concept that “bigger is better” sounds good but is not necessarily true, especially for small business owners or sole proprietors. That’s why understanding the importance of Shopping Small is critical to the future success of all the individuals and families represented by the Sellers who have shops on Our Village and to the entire American economy. Shopping Small shouldn’t be promoted only one day each year. Shopping Small should be a 365 day, 24/7 goal for all consumers and there are good reasons why this should be a national priority. Our Village is taking the lead, promoting Shopping Small as the first option customers should always consider. Let’s look at the data to understand why.


By Voice of the Village 2 months ago 47 Views No comments
Simple question. Why should you buy from shop owners on Our Village? There are many reasons. The purpose of this blog is to paint a picture for you, providing information you probably never knew or considered about the artisans, crafters, makers, and small family-owned shop owners who rely on you, their customer. First, you need to know that there are no listing fees charged or commissions deducted from shop owner’s sales on Our Village. Shop owners selling on Our Village keep 100% of their sales and for them, that’s a big deal!


By Voice of the Village 2 months ago 44 Views 1 comment
Our Village’s co-founders (who are sisters) both have helping hearts and decided that the core mission of Our Village would be to make the world a better place. Wow! That certainly is an ambitious goal! However, they had a well thought out plan, knowing that with the help of all the Sellers on the internet, they could change the world. To achieve that goal, they knew that first they would need to provide the Sellers with an extraordinary resource so they would be willing to help.

How should you be selling online?

By Voice of the Village 3 months ago 82 Views No comments
You have many online selling options. We believe Our Village presents shop owners with the most support and definitely the most value, especially considering you keep 100% of your sales. This blog posed the question, “How Should You Be Selling Online?” We believe the answer is on Our Village. Thanks for taking your time to visit Our Village and to read this blog!

Top 5 Tips to Optimize your Our Village Shop

By Voice of the Village 3 months ago 90 Views No comments
A good gardener knows if they invest more time when preparing their garden for planting, the more productive it will be for them at harvest time. That same principle applies to your shop on Our Village! Here are some tips that should increase your appeal to buyers.

New Management Tool for Etsy Shop Owners

By Voice of the Village 3 months ago 846 Views No comments
Attention Etsy shop owners! Our Village has a special Management Tool that allows you to quickly and easily download all your Etsy shop product images and descriptions into your new Our Village shop without affecting your Etsy shop. What a time-saver!


By Voice of the Village 3 months ago 5714 Views No comments
We Need Your Help Choices. It’s always great to have choices! More choices provide the opportunity to make educated decisions that are best for you. For sellers in the online marketplace, more choices give them the opportunity for more exposure of their products to customers. While Etsy is one of the leaders in the online marketplace, there is another choice that makes a lot of sense for sellers. Our Village provides sellers another, and a different platform from which to sell their products.

Welcome to Our Village!

By Voice of the Village 3 months ago 80 Views No comments
Our Village is a brand-new marketplace for artisans, crafters, makers, and family-owned shops that allows vendors to keep more money from sales of their creations while benefiting a worthwhile cause.

We Need Your Help!

By Voice of the Village 4 months ago 73 Views No comments
FREE IS GOOD Our Village™ is a majority women-owned company. We formed Our Village recognizing the need for artisans, crafters, makers, and small, family-owned shops to have an online resource that allows them to keep all money from their sales in order to support themselves and their families. Our shop owners pay only a $5 per month fee for their shop. That's all. Most other online venues charge their shop owners "per item" listing fees, plus take a percentage of their sales.