ARVORIN - Imitation Ivory Substitute Rod Bar Scale Block Blank Material OD15mm x 300mm

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ARVORIN - Imitation Ivory Substitute Rod Bar Scale Block Blank Material OD15mm x 300mm

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The Story

I'm the first person introduce this material to USA cue building industry on Aug 2015 thru Azbilliard Forum. Due to good performance and scary close looking to real ivory, it widely spread to other industries like instrument(bagpipes/guitar), pen, knife, shaving brush etc within a very short period.

I spend couple of month sending samples to pool cue makers to test the material on 2015 ( you may still find the comments on azbilliards ). One local USA distributor start sell ARVORIN by using another product name since 2017, and try to tell people that his material is better than arvorin ( mention that material content is resin based different than ARVORIN). if you buy from them, ask who send him the first sample and where is the material origin.

copy is fine, customer could take same stuff from different resources as their wish, but slander other seller's same material is not right thing.


> Description
Arvorin is RESIN BASED, super good ivory immitation substitute material from what I saw now. Good performance under cutting, drilling, tapping, grinding, carving & good performance on epoxy to wood. Arvorin has beautiful grain within - the grain is not symmetric and not consistent, one side is coarse grain, another side is fine/none grain. EACH ROD IS UNIQUE GRAIN.
Size: Φ15mm x 300mm (Φ0.590" x 12")
Things to know before purchasing...
1. Due to it's resin based, heating will make the material soft/weak.
2. make sure you have a sharp tool/cutter when you work on Arvorin to avoid pit issue.
3. do not be too aggressive & do not cut too much by one time, control the machining speed of your router/cutter in medium speed or under medium (LOW RPM)