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The most amazing simple picture puzzle you will ever own, except when you buy more of my intriguing designs.  Just how simple is it?  The world's easiest picture puzzle consists of one rectangular shaped piece, with smooth edges.  No pesky notches to match up.  You say that one piece does not a picture make? Ok, I furnish four of the same design, which with your skill and genius, you can arrange to make six different pictures, or six different designs.  The art itself will amaze and amuse you.  Geometric designs appear like a kaleidoscope picture.  Some people see faces from what was a picture of ice crystals.  Others looking at the same design will see butterflies, or letters of the alphabet.  The only limiting factor is your imagination.  This set of four real photograph prints are mounted on 4"x6" flexible magnets, so that you can create instant removable art for your refrigerator or file cabinet.  Tired of looking at one design?  Rearrange the four pieces and have an entirely different picture.  Don't like congruent edges and symetrical patterns?  Show your wild creativity and stick them where ever: catty-corner, sigogglin, you the artist!  The only thing for sure is what you see is not what is there.