Wisteria Reflection Box

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Wisteria Reflection Box

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I love the challenge of upcycling things that served a great purpose to start, and should continue to do so as something else that is useful.

This is an upcycled cigar box that I painted the inside of the lid with a beautiful garden gate and Wisteria flowers, which are one of my favorite flowers. When it came to the bottom for adesigna dn/or purpose, I thought about what feelings came to mind when I seen the painting. A little miniature fairy-type garden came to mind with this, and so it was created.

I used a stump for a fairy garden and glued it down with white river rocks making little paths through the garden so as to not 'step' on any flowers. I placed a favorite tea blend of flowers in this garden because they go so well together. There are Lavender buds, Mini Rosebuds, Chamomile, and Hibiscus petals, with a small 'pond' of Lapis Lazuli chips to bring it all together. The tree stump is the perfect size for placing a tea light on for mediation, or jsut for the effect that is very calming and soothing. 

This is definitely the heaviest I have ever done a box, but worth it in the end. Since I so want you to share in the amazing experience with me about this box, I am gifting you FREE shipping on this item.