Red Orchid Reflection Box

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Red Orchid Reflection Box

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This inspiration came because this cigar box is so thin in width, it was hard to decide what should this be, espceially for the painting and wht it represents. 

Inspiration came when I was researching out Feng Shui items for small spaces. I knew then that this was perfect. Red Orchids, or orchids of any color, represent happiness and abundance, especially if placed in the bedroom of the recipient. Red is a powerful color, yet at the same time, soothing, in reflecting things. Red is also the color for grounding (stability) in ones life. 

Painted directly on the inside of the lid and bottom of box, it is unique in its purose too. Due to how thin the box is, its perfect for those long time forgotten mementos, notes, pictures that you want tangible in your life, not electronic. Simple and beautiful, yet dramatic too.

Even though this box is not that big, it is still classified as oversized, but I am gifting to you FREE shipping on this item for your enjoyment and benefit.